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About the App

QCan anyone use the service?
AAnyone 13 years old or older who lives in Japan can use this service.
However, you won't be able to use it in the following situations:

■ If you don't agree to the Terms of Use
■ If you're using a device that isn't on our list of compatible devices
■ If your device operates on an OS that isn't on our list of compatible operating systems
■ If you're a minor and haven't received parental consent
QIs there a membership fee or annual fee?
AThere is no membership or annual fee.
QIs there a service charge?
AYes, some services come with a set fee. Here are the details:

- c withdrawal (Free once a month): 110 yen (tax included)
- Withdrawing your balance: 550 yen (tax included)
- Issuing an account statement: 220 yen (tax included)
- Sending a PIN notification: 220 yen (tax included)

*Note: You'll need to complete identification procedures before using the service.

For more information on the products, please refer to the following overviews (in Japanese only):
▼BANKIT Me (JAPANpay) Product Overview
▼BANKIT You (JAPANpay) Product Overview
QDoes JAPANpay have an expiration date?
AYes, JAPANpay is valid for 5 years.
If you haven't verified your identity, the expiration date won't be extended, so make sure not to leave any balance in your JAPANpay account.
If you've verified your identity, your expiration date will automatically renew.
You can check the expiration date in the "Card Details" section.
*Note: If the expiration date shows "04/25," your card will be valid through April 2025.
QI'm not logged out, but I'm asked to enter an authentication code every time I start the app.
AThis might be because your app version is outdated.
Please update to the latest version before using the app.
QThe app won't start.
AIf the app isn't starting, the following could be the reasons:

- You're using a tablet.
- You don't have enough memory on your device.
- Your device's operating environment doesn't meet our recommendations:
For iOS: iOS 12.0 or higher
For Android: Android 8.0 or higher
*Note: Some devices from foreign manufacturers or devices with a proprietary OS may not work properly.
QHow can I disable push notifications or email notifications?
AYou can disable push notifications from the Notification Settings section on My Page.
QI received an error message during the process.
APlease tap the "Retry" button, or wait a bit before trying the process again.
QI want to change my user ID (email address), password, or phone number. How can I do that?
AYou can make these changes by going to "Edit Profile" on My Page and selecting "Change Password" under Account Settings.

Account and Login

QCan I use my previous user ID (email address)?
AYou can only use a user ID (email address) once. You can't register with the same user ID (email address) you've used before.
QI forgot my passcode.
AFirst, uninstall the app and then reinstall it.
After that, follow the steps below based on your device type:

■ For iPhones:
Log back in using your registered user ID (email address) and password.
Go to My Page and switch the authentication method to biometrics (either fingerprint or Face ID). Select Change Passcode to reset your passcode.
■ For Android:
Log back in using your registered user ID (email address) and password.
You'll be taken to the passcode reset screen, where you can reset your passcode.

*Note: Your card number, balance, and previous transaction details will be retained after reinstalling the app.
QHow can I change my passcode?
ATo change your passcode, go to “Change Passcode” in your account settings on My Page.
QWhat characters and symbols can I use for my password?
APasswords must be at least 8 characters long and include a combination of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols.

*If you enter your password incorrectly a certain number of times, your account will be locked.
*You cannot reuse a password that you've set within the last four instances.
QWhat is the PIN?
AA PIN is a four-digit number you'll need for withdrawals at Seven Bank ATMs and for making purchases with a physical card. You'll be prompted to set this number when your identity is verified, so make sure to remember it.
QI'm unable to set or change my PIN.
AThe following four-digit combinations can't be used as a PIN. Please double-check what you've entered:

■ A repeating sequence of the same number (e.g., 1111)
■ Four consecutive numbers in any order (e.g., 1234, 4321, 8901)
■ Numbers that are part of your personal information (e.g., your birth year and month, day and month, or cell phone number)
QMy PIN is locked.
AIf you enter your PIN incorrectly a certain number of times, it will get locked, and you won't be able to use the app. To reset your PIN, please contact our Customer Service Desk.
QI'm not receiving the verification code for my email address.
AIf you're not receiving the verification code, please check the following:

- Make sure you've entered the correct email address and try again.
- If your reception is poor, the email may be delayed. Try again in an area with better reception.
- If you've set up a spam filter, make sure to remove the domain name (, from your spam filter list.
QI'm unable to complete the SMS verification.
AIf you're having trouble with SMS verification, please consider the following:

- You may have entered the wrong code. Try reissuing the verification code.
- The verification code has an expiration time. If you don't verify it within the given timeframe, you'll need to issue a new code.
QI'm not receiving SMS messages.
AIf you're not getting SMS messages, please consider the following:

■ Network Conditions on Your Device
SMS messages are sent through cellular networks.
If your network connection is weak, the SMS might be delayed or might not arrive at all.
Try again in an area with better reception.

■ Your Device's Phone Number
To sign up for JAPANpay, you need a phone number that can receive SMS.
If your number can't receive SMS, you won't be able to create an account or use the service.
*If you've changed your phone number due to a new device or other reasons, please contact our Customer Service Desk.

■ SMS Settings on Your Device

■ SMS Storage Capacity
If you've reached your storage limit for SMS, delete some unnecessary data and try issuing the verification code again.
QCan I have multiple accounts?
AUsers are limited to one account each. Possessing multiple accounts violates our Terms of Use and may result in restrictions or account deletion.
QI see the message "The email address you entered has already been registered" and cannot proceed.
AIf you can't register using your current email address, please contact our Customer Service Desk for assistance.
QWhat should I do when I switch devices?
AYou can continue using the service even if you change or repair your device;
there's no need to create a new account.

- Check your account information and log out from My Page on the app using your old device.
- Log in using your new device.

*If your phone number has changed, please contact our Customer Service Desk for assistance.
*The procedure may vary depending on the app.
Please refer to the app for specific details.

Visa virtual card

QWhat is a virtual card?
AWhen you sign up for the app, you'll receive a Visa Virtual Card that you can use for shopping within the limits of your account balance.
You can view your Visa Virtual Card information on the home screen of the app.
QWhat should I enter as the cardholder name for online shopping?
APlease enter "BANKIT MEMBER" as it appears on the front of the card. The card's expiration date is displayed in the Western calendar format.
*For example, if the card displays "04/20," it is valid until April 2020.
QAre JCB and Mastercard brands supported?
AOnly VISA cards are supported
QAre there ETC cards or family cards available?
ANeither ETC cards nor family cards are available.
QI'm unable to withdraw the refunded amount from my canceled purchases.
AIf you cancel (either cancel or return) a purchase after payment, the amount will be refunded to your non-withdrawable balance.
This refunded amount cannot be withdrawn at Seven Bank ATMs or transferred between friends using the app.


QCan I select the number of installments when using my Visa card for shopping?
AYou can only make a single installment payment.
If a Visa merchant asks how many installments you'd like to make, please specify "one installment."
QI would like to cancel (return) a transaction.
ATo cancel (or return) a transaction, please directly contact the merchant where you made the purchase.
QThe deducted amount from my balance still shows for the canceled (returned) transaction.
APlease review your statement in the app.
If the canceled transaction is marked as "prepaid," allow 45 days for domestic transactions and 10 days for international transactions to pass before the transaction is automatically canceled.
If the store name appears on the statement, please reach out to the store again to ensure the transaction is canceled.
QWill I receive notifications for canceled (refunded) transactions?
AYou will receive an email notification when a transaction has been canceled.
*If you'd like to receive email notifications, please ensure that your email notification preferences are enabled.
You can check and update your settings by going to Home → My Page → Email Preferences in the app.
QI am unable to make a payment for my shopping.
AEven if you have a balance, transactions cannot be processed if your available transaction limit (1,000,000 yen) is exceeded.
QI am unable to use it for domestic shopping.
AThis service may not be available at certain merchants.

Merchants where the service is unavailable:
- Monthly and recurring subscription charges
 (Examples: Utility bills like electricity, gas, water; phone bills; communication fees such as Internet provider charges, satellite and CATV subscription fees; newspaper subscriptions, including digital editions; insurance premiums; correspondence education tuition; other various monthly membership fees, etc.)
- Gas stations
- Manned highway toll booths
- In-flight and on-board sales
- Deposits at hotels and car rentals (Note: The service can be used to settle hotel and car rental bills)
- Prepaid cards, electronic money, and payments for recharging
- Payment for items with high cash value like gift certificates, revenue stamps, postage stamps, coupon tickets, etc.
QThere is a discrepancy between the amount spent and the amount deducted.
ADepending on the merchant (Visa merchant) you shop at, the amount spent and the amount deducted from your account may differ.

■ Examples of use:
- When an amount different from the actual amount spent is initially debited, and the correct amount is debited a few days later.
- When there is a fluctuation in the exchange rate of the currency you used.

■ Examples of post-date billing:
- When a tip is added to the amount spent at a restaurant or hotel, etc.
*If there is a significant difference between the amount spent and the amount debited, please contact our Customer Desk.
QCan I use it for recurring monthly payments (utility bills, etc.)?
ANo, it cannot be used for recurring payments.
QCan I exceed my balance for shopping?
AShopping beyond your balance or withdrawing money from an ATM will result in an error.
Please spend within your balance.
QCan I transfer money from my balance to my bank account?
AYou can only transfer money between friends on the app.
You cannot transfer money to bank accounts or other financial accounts.

Identity Verification

QWhat is identity verification?
AIdentity verification is the process where you enter your personal information and provide identification documents.
After completing this verification, you'll unlock convenient services within the app.
To start the process, go to the Identity Verification section on My Page.
QI am unable to complete the identity verification process.
AIf you're having trouble completing the identity verification, please consider the following:

■ If your identity verification status says "E-KYC Screening":
We're currently verifying the information you've provided against the details on your identification documents.

■ If your identity verification status says "Identity verification is not complete":
Please make sure the information you entered matches that on your identification documents and try submitting again.

*For more details on which identification documents to use, click here (information available in Japanese only).
QHow long does it take to complete the identity verification process?
APlease allow up to 3 business days to complete the identity verification process.
*Please note that during Golden Week, New Year holidays, and campaign periods, the process may take longer than usual, up to 7 business days.
QCan I use a computer or tablet to complete the online identity verification process?
ANo, the process can't be done on a PC or tablet. Please use your smartphone.
QI received an error message stating that my operating system is not supported during the online identity verification process.
AYour smartphone may not meet the required specifications, such as having an unsupported OS or browser.
Please check here for more details. (Japanese only)
*Note: Poor connection could lead to issues like the photo frame not displaying or the photo screen turning black.
QI closed the application while taking a photo for the online identity verification.
AIf you were in the middle of taking a photo, you should have received an email titled "Request for Registration of Identification Documents" to your registered email address. You can get back to the photo-taking screen by tapping the URL in that email.
If the link doesn't open when clicked, copy and paste it directly into your browser.
*Please note: For your security, the link has an expiration time.

If the URL expires, you'll need to restart the identity verification process from the Identity Verification section on My Page in the app.

*The type of identification document you chose for the photo cannot be changed. Either proceed with taking the photo of the selected document or contact our Customer Desk for assistance.
QWhat is online identity verification??
AOnline identity verification is a process where you use your smartphone to take a photo of one identification document and a selfie. Please choose the "Online Identification" option if you have any of the following documents:

- Driver's License
- Passport
- Individual Number Card (My Number Card)
- Residence Card
- Driving Record Certificate
*Note: Passports must include an address field.
*If you are a foreign resident (excluding special permanent residents), please make sure to select a Residence Card.

For more information about online identity verification, click here (Japanese only).
QMy camera is not functioning when I try to take a photo for the online identity verification.
APlease make sure to grant permission for your smartphone's camera to take pictures.
QI am experiencing repeated failures when trying to take a photo for the online identity verification.
AFor tips on successful photo taking, please refer to "Tips for Taking a Picture". (Japanese only)
QI am unable to complete the process of taking a face photo for the online identity verification.
AIf you're having trouble capturing the photo correctly, please ensure that your device and browser are compatible with our system requirements.

Click here to check your compatibility. (Japanese only)


QCan I charge at Seven Bank ATMs?
AYes, you can charge your account using a Seven Bank ATM.
*Charges must be in multiples of 1,000 yen.,000円単位です。
*The maximum amount you can charge in a single transaction varies depending on your contract. Please refer to the app for more details.
*This service may not be available on certain apps. Please check your app for further information.
QCan I charge in currencies other than Japanese yen?
AYou can only charge your account in Japanese Yen.
QWhat happens if I do not use the charged amount?
AIf you haven't completed identity verification, the expiration date of the balance will not be extended.

Once the expiration date is reached, you will no longer be able to use the remaining balance.
Additionally, as this is a prepaid payment method, the balance is non-refundable.
Please make sure to use up the balance so that it reaches 0 yen.
▼ Disclosure based on the Fund Settlement Act for BANKIT Me (Partnered BANKIT)
QWhen can I use the charged amount?
AYou can use the funds immediately after the charging process is completed.
If the balance doesn't update, please tap the "Update Balance" button.
QCan I cancel a charge?
ANo, charges cannot be canceled.
QI received an error message when I tried to charge from an ATM.
APlease be aware that an error may occur in the following situations:

- If the company code is incorrect.
- If the maximum balance is exceeded.
- If the limit for a single transaction, a single day, or a single month is exceeded.
QCan I charge by credit card?
AYes, you can charge using a credit card issued by APLUS Co., Ltd.
To do so, navigate to Home → Charge → Credit Card Charge on the app.
Then, please register your credit card details under "Register Credit Card Information."
*You can charge amounts ranging from 1,000 yen to 20,000 yen per transaction. After verifying your identity, this range increases to between 1,000 yen and 50,000 yen.
*Registration for 3D Secure authentication is required for credit cards.
QI cannot register a credit card for credit card charge.
AOnly credit cards issued by APLUS Co., Ltd. can be used for this purpose.
QDo I get interest on my balance?
ANo, this is not a deposit or savings account backed by a bank or similar institution, so it does not accrue interest.


QCan I withdraw money?
AYou can withdraw cash using a Seven Bank ATM smartphone transaction.
*Withdrawals must be in multiples of 1,000 yen. *The maximum amount you can withdraw per transaction varies depending on the app. Also, this service may not be available on all apps. Please check your app for further information.
QWhat should I do if an error occurs during a withdrawal?
AIf you experience an error while trying to withdraw funds, you may have exceeded your withdrawal limit.
QCan I use ATMs overseas??
ANo, you cannot use overseas ATMs.


QWhat should I do if my card is lost or stolen?
APlease contact our Customer Desk immediately. Additionally, you will need to report the loss to the nearest police station or police box.

Once we receive your report, we will suspend your card. Note that if your card is registered with Apple Pay™ or Google Pay™, these services will also be suspended. To resume using Apple Pay™ or Google Pay™, you will need to re-register your card for these services.

■ BANKIT Customer Desk (for lost or stolen cards only)
Phone number: 03-6757-3656
Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc.
Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.
QRegarding cancellations
AFor cancellation procedures, please refer to the following guidelines:

■ Before Identity Verification
To cancel your account, please contact the Customer Desk.
Since this is a prepaid service, the remaining balance will not be refunded.
Please make sure to use up the balance so that it reaches 0 yen.
▼ Disclosure based on the Fund Settlement Act for BANKIT Me (Partnered BANKIT)

■ After Identity Verification
To cancel your account, please contact the Customer Desk.
You can have your remaining balance refunded, but a separate refund fee will apply.
QI was contacted by APLUS.
AWe reach out to BANKIT customers to provide information about the services they have applied for, to confirm the details of their contracts, and to deliver important notifications.

Caller ID Number
QDoes BANKIT provide insurance coverage?
ANo, insurance is not included.

→ More FAQs? Click here. (in Japanese only)


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